Laboratory of NanoBio Imaging


Prof. Moon, DaeWon

Professor, DGIST Fellow

Pennsylvania State University, PhD.

Phone: +82-53-785-1850


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We develop innovative label-free nanobio imaging instruments for new investigation of biointerfaces and bionanomaterials such as 1) non-linear coherent anti-stokes Raman 3D imaging spectroscopy, 2) bio-SIMS imaging of cells and tissues, 3) ambient live cell imaging mass spectrometry using fs laser and atmospheric non-thermal plasma, 4) medium energy ion scattering for nano analysis of biointerfaces and materials. These new techniques will be the basis of the nanobio imaging multimodality for new understanding of neural signaling, neuron aging, neuronal cell membrane especially synaptic interface structure and dynamics, and the initial growth stage of biomaterials.

Especially, we will focus on innovative molecular level investigations of signaling between neuron cells and neuron aging mechanism for contributions of overcoming degenerative neuronal disease which is the critical problem in the rapidly aging global society. Non-linear Raman 3D imaging and atmospheric mass spectrometric imaging techniques will be developed to in-vivo imaging endoscopies for medical diagnosis and pre-clinical animal drug screening, which will be a core of future innovative medical industries.

Research Summary

aims to develop innovative label-free nanobio imaging methodology to initiate new NeuroAging Science.


#1: Development of innovative label-free nanobio imaging methodology to make breakthroughs in conventional biology and life science.

#2: Major foci of our interests are on neuroscience and bio-interface science with special focus on neuroaging.

#3: Tools are based on complementary use of non-linear optics (CARS), mass spectrometry (SIMS/ambient MS), and ion scattering (TOF-MEIS).

#4: The final goal is to develop in-vivo imaging tools with super resolution, high sensitivity and selectivity, and ultra high molecular contents.

Specifically we aim to be the first and the best one to image the synaptic interface structure and dynamics with molecular specificity in the nano level.


Selected Recent Publications

Invited talks: 44 invited talks in international conferences

Publications: 176 SCI papers with recent selected papers listed below.

  • Se-Hwa Kim, Eun-Soo Lee, JaeYong Lee, EunSeong Lee, Bok-Soo Lee, JeongEuy Park ,and DaeWon Moon, “Multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy images intact atheromatous lesions and concomitantly identifies distinct chemical profiles of atherosclerotic lipids”, Circulation Research, 106,1332-1341 (2010)
  • Se-Hwa Kim, Won Chegal, Junsang Doh, Hyun Mo Cho, and Dae Won Moon, “Study of Cell-Matrix Adhesion Dynamics Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Ellipsometry“, Biophysical Journal Volume 100, 1819-1828, (2011)
  • So Jeong Yun, Ji-Won Park, Il Ju Choi, Byeongsoo Kang, Hark Kyun Kim, Dae Won Moon, Tae Geol Lee, and Daehee Hwang “TOFSIMS-P:A Web-Based Platform for Analysis of Large-Scale TOF-SIMS Data” Anal. Chem., 83,24, pp 9298–9305,(2011)
  • Young Jae Park, Gyu Jin Choi, Se-Hwa Kim, Junhee Hahn, Tae Geol Lee, Won Jong Lee, and Dae Won Moon, “Nanoscale characterization of acid and thermally treated collagen fibrils”, Acta Biomateriale, 8, 3381-3391 (2012)
  • Eun-Soo Lee, HyunKyongShon, TaeGeolLee, Se-HwaKim, DaeWon Moon “The regional ratio of cholesteryl palmitate to cholesteryl oleate measured by ToF-SIMS as a key parameter of atherosclerosis”, Atherosclerosis, 226, 378-384,(2013)
  • K.W.Jung, K.S.Yu, W.J.Min, H.W.Yu, J.Y.Park, and D.W. Moon “3 Dimensional Quantitative Compositional Profiling of Nanoparticles with sub-nanometer resolution”, Anal. Chem. in-press (2014)