The department aims to create advanced science and technology for convergence science in biology. Training and research in the department range from general biology to more specialized fields of biological studies to solve challenging problems in biology. Quantitative aspects of biology are emphasized, and conventional biology (biochemistry, molecular and biology, and genetics) is also an essential part of the academic program. Courses are designed to provide students with a solid background in an integrated scientific perspective for convergence science. Students graduate from the department with the intellectual resources needed to play leading roles in many areas, including research, teaching, and industry.

The Department of New Biology promotes a highly collaborative research environment that enables a free exchange of ideas across research areas and academic disciplines, leading to a rigorous, creative, dynamic culture in which scientists and students tackle the important problems and questions in biology and related fields. Our endeavor to be one of the world’s most important hubs in convergence science creates exciting opportunities for research, employment, and the commercialization of new discoveries.

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