Fellowships and Funding

Graduate Stipend
All graduate students receive a full-tuition grant and 12-month stipend (for 2015, 7,440,000 KRW and 13,740,000 KRW before and after passing qualifying examination, respectively) which permits comfortable living in the Daegu/Hyunpung area. Also, all graduate students can reside in the dormitory, and they can apply for the opportunity to participate in various courses hosted by world-leading universities and various international conferences.

Graduate Fellowships
Outstanding applicants can apply for the following departmental fellowships:

  • New Biology Payeon fellowship : The fellowship will be given to existing students who performed outstanding research or new applicants for the graduate program. Applicants will be evaluated by the fellowship committee (Chair: Head of Department). Students receive a full-tuition, stipend, and research grant (for 2014-2015, 3,000,000 KRW before and after passing qualifying examination, respectively). This fund provides assistance with expenses for conference participation.
  •         Applications are submitted online at: http://payeon.dgist.ac.kr

DGIST-IBS Fellowship
The DGIST-IBS Cooperative Ph.D Program’s goal is the advanced training of new generations of creative and original researchers in the biological sciences.
The Program is accredited by DGIST and chartered as a higher education institution in IBS.
The instructors and mentors of students are DGIST and IBS faculty members as are most of the lecturers teaching the courses offered by the Program.
– Annual stipend of 24million KRW (*For PhD students)

Applicants are highly encouraged to apply for external graduate fellowships from organizations, such as Korea Student Aid Foundation, or from companies, such as Samsung and LG Scholarships. The Department of New Biology also has information on a large number of external fellowship opportunities.